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ESG Management Structure

Sinochem Holding's HSE management clearly defines the management requirements, realizes scientific and systematic management, effectively controls HSE risks, ensures the safety and health of employees, protects the ecological environment, and achieves safe, green and sustainable development. The relevant policies are formulated in accordance to the requirements of national health, safety, environmental protection and other applicable laws and regulations.

As the overseas investment holding platform being 100% indirectly owned by Sinochem Holdings, Sinochem HK undertakes the responsibilities of offshore equity investment, offshore financing, global centralized fund management and asset management. With reference to the HSE management regulations and policies, Sinochem HK identifies the HSE responsibilities in various activities of production and operations of all units, departments and positions(including informal employees), in accordance to the local laws and regulations, as well as the nature, characteristics and work responsibilities of the respective units/departments/positions, in order to formulate a full coverage of HSE responsibilities from the major person-in-charge to the front-line employees. The implementation of responsibilities can be ensured through strengthening education and training, as well as enhancing supervision and assessment.

HSE is an important pillar of the Company's ESG strategy. For HSE system, the General Manager shall be responsible for supervising the overall implementation of the system. The Office takes the lead in the establishment, implementation and daily management of the HSE responsibilities, and supervises the establishment and implementation of HSE responsibility system in its affiliated enterprises. The responsibility system clarifies the HSE responsibilities for each level (including General Manager, ESG Working Group, each department, etc.), which will be evaluated annually. In case of any change or HSE incidents, the assessment and improvement will be made in a timely manner. The General Manager and the head of each department shall sign the HSE responsibility letter on annual basis.