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ESG Concept and Objective

Adhering to the value of “In Science We Trust”, Sinochem Holdings has formulated its strategy on sustainable development, three compatibilities and here integrations. It is also integrated into Sinochem Holding’s mission, culture and values. Through innovative development and excellent management, Sinochem Holdings provides first-class products and services to the society and creates maximum value for customers, shareholders and employees. As a model of resource conservation and environmental friendliness in the industry, Sinochem Holdings aims to realize harmonious development among itself, society and the environment.

Sinochem HK is Sinochem Holdings’ overseas investment and holding subsidiary and one of the primary overseas platforms for executing Sinochem Holdings’ business strategy. As an offshore financing platform and a key overseas asset holding company of Sinochem Holdings, Sinochem HK actively undertakes the responsibilities of offshore financing, offshore equity investment, global centralized fund management and asset management. Sinochem HK integrates Sinochem Holdings’ ESG goals and philosophy into the Company’s management and operations and continuously improves its ESG management system. By enhancing interactions with stakeholders, we promote the harmony among the Company, the environment, and society and continue to improve our sustainability capabilities.

Some of Sinochem HK’s main subsidiaries include China Jinmao (00817.HK), Sinochem Europe Holdings PLC, Sinochem International Oil (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Sinochem Overseas Trading Co., Ltd etc. Among them, China Jinmao, an operating subsidiary directly owned by Sinochem HK, is mainly engaged in city operations, property development, and hotel operations. Its main business constitutes Sinochem HK’s major operating revenue source. In 2022, Sinochem HK’s operating revenue was RMB 83.858 billion, 99% of which was from China Jinmao. As China Jinmao’s largest single shareholder, Sinochem HK holds a 36.4% stake in China Jinmao. Moreover, it executes Sinochem Holdings’ guiding strategy for urban operations and performs investment management functions through China Jinmao. Sinochem HK has introduced several sustainable development policies. It fulfils the responsibilities of investment management and oversight in green building target setting and implementation as well as healthy and safe operations to ensure the green and sustainable development of Sinochem Holdings’ urban operations business.

Sinochem HK views sustainable development as the fuel to drive its growth and progress. Sustainable development is also an important part of Sinochem HK's core competitiveness. Sinochem HK incorporates the concept of sustainable development into its mission, culture and values, and integrates the practice of sustainable development into its daily operation and management activities. Abiding by the FORUS system, Sinochem HK offers employees with a healthy and safe workplace, provides customers with green and safe products and services, creates benefits for shareholders and adds greater value to society. All of these have led to Sinochem HK's sustainable business development.