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Sustainable Development Principles

For People’s Better Life

Sinochem HK endeavors to promote the general development of society and meet people’s aspirations for better life through its own corporate growth. As one of the first batch of sixteen SOEs approved by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (SASAC) to be engaged in the real estate business, China Jinmao, a Sinochem HK’s directly owned and controlled subsidiary, is dedicated to optimising city planning, improving regional functions, unleashing city vitality and promoting city upgrading. Investment and financing businesses of Sinochem HK are integrated into the development strategy and plan of the country, which directs capital into the projects, deepening industrial transformation and advocating sustainable development.

For Environment

Sinochem HK adheres to the vision of “sustainable development with excellent HSE performance and winning the trust of its stakeholders, the industry and the community”. It achieves this by integrating occupational health, safety production and environmental protection throughout its implementation of sustainable development strategy. Adopting green strategy as one of the key strategies, China Jinmao continues to upgrade three areas, namely "eco-city", "life building", and "zero-carbon operations", so as to build the "Ever Green Quality" living model. China Jinmao covers the whole process, including design, construction and operation, with a view of establishing itself as a model of green city operation in China.

For Community

Sinochem HK strives to drive employment and improve people’s livelihood through its production and operations, and contribute to local economic and social development. Sinochem HK continuously participates in public welfare to improve local economic, educational, medical and environmental conditions. Sinochem HK also exerts efforts on public welfare and charitable activities to enhance people’s well-being. Sinochem HK encourages and supports staff to engage in volunteer activities to show their care. Its subsidiary China Jinmao actively engages in community development and contributes to public welfare by upholding the development philosophy of "what is taken from society is used in society" to contribute to the development of a harmonious community.

For Employees

Sinochem HK considers its staff as the key force of corporate growth. It strictly obeys labor laws and regulations, and respects the legitimate rights and interests of its staff while safeguarding its employees’ safety and occupational health. Sinochem HK insists on equal employment, opposes any form of discrimination, attaches great importance to the construction and improvement of its talent team, provides rich and diverse training, and constantly improves its incentive and promotion mechanism. Sinochem HK creates value, scientifically evaluates the value and reasonably distributes the value. Sinochem HK fully mobilises the enthusiasm and creativity of its talents, striving to realise the free and full development of its staff. Sinochem HK cares for its staff, encourages diversified and inclusive corporate culture and creates a “fair, enterprising and harmonious” corporate atmosphere, promoting its common growth with its staff.

For Cooperators

Aiming at satisfying its customers, Sinochem HK creates values for customers. It accomplishes this with value-added services, and seeks to enrich the content and enhance its capabilities to achieve a win-win development with its customers. Sinochem HK attaches great importance to its cooperation with the government, enterprises, financial institutions, research institutes, suppliers, and etc., actively participates in and promotes industrial exchanges, and pools resources and strengths from various channels. By building a global industry resource platform, Sinochem HK drives partners to work and advance together for industrial progress and regional economic development. Sinochem HK advocates for its partners to fulfill social responsibility and pursue a win-win and sustainable development.